Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Horror In The U.K.

If you're a horror fan and fortunate enough to be in the U.K. near the Brighton area this spring and summer, you'll be in for a treat...or should we say, treats

First up, on May 6th, the Classic Horror Campaign is teaming up with Bedabbled! magazine for the Classic British Vampire Double Bill, featuring Blood of the Vampire and Vampyres. This is a creature feature any vampire fan can sink their teeth into!

Next, on June 3rd, the Roxy Bar & Screen will be hosting The Cyberschizoid Birthday Party Monster Mash, showing not one, but two delightful classic horror pictures: How To Make A Monster and Dr. Phibes Rises Again

And, last but not least - Frighten Brighton will be stirring up some scares on August 11th with a monstrous marathon that can not be missed! Attendees will be able to see Mad Love (1935), Cat People (1942), Them! (1954), Plague of Zombies (1966), and Phantasm (1979). 

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