Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Most Amazing Batman Costume Ever Made!

Okay, we know, Halloween's over. Still, for a costumed crimefighter it's almost like Halloween every day! Well, thanks in part to the talented folks at Effects Lab, you can feast your eyes upon this stunning Batman costume resembling the very one the Caped Crusader wore in the smash-hit video game Arkham City.

Many Batman fans would agree that this costume is nothing short of a work of art. A thing of beauty. A masterpiece get the picture. Frankly, words do this suit no justice - so we'll let these images speak for themselves...

So, after carefully looking these images over, we have a few questions. When is Warner Brothers making a film using this style of costume and where can we buy one?

For more info on the Effects Lab's insanely awesome Bat-costume, check out their forum here.

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