Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Look At Moebius Model Kits

Plastic model kits of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy characters have been a huge hit ever since Aurora released their first line of monster kits back in the early 1960s. This trend continued through the late-70s until the garage kit boom happened in the mid-80s to the late-90s, where many newer model kits were being made of vinyl and resin instead of plastic. Nevertheless, plastic models continued to thrive, with companies like Revell, Monogram, and Polar Lights reproducing some of Aurora's most popular kits.

Sadly, today many of those companies are either out of business or no longer manufacture franchise-based re-releases. Even so, a new company has stepped forward to fill the void: Moebius Models.

Moebius offers a diverse variety of Aurora reproductions, along with a budding series of new kits of their own design.

Back in 1964 Aurora released what has since become the 'Holy Grail' of monster model kits: The 'Big Frankie' Gigantic Frankenstein. Standing over an impressive 19" tall, this model kit was not only hard-to-get when it was originally released back in '64, but has since become one of the most valuable Aurora kits in history, fetching obscene prices on eBay.

To commemorate the release of their Gigantic Frankenstein kit, Moebius has also produced a special, limited edition Glow-in-the-Dark version. 

For those interested in Moebius' Gigantic Frankenstein, it is available here at Middle Earth Collectibles.
The Glow-in-the-Dark version is also available in very limited quantities.

Fans who may want a closer representation of the Boris Karloff-styled Frankenstein are in luck. Moebius has produced a striking 1/8 scale Frankenstein kit complete with base, door, and nameplate.

Get yours here before it's gone!

Moebius followed-up their Karloff Frankenstein original with another Karloff character - The Mummy.

This kit goes to show just how far plastic models have come from the days of Aurora. Features great box art by the always-impressive Basil Gogos. The kit is available here.

Moving away from horror for the moment, Moebius has also reproduced two classic Aurora super-hero kits with improved molds and original-style box artwork.

Superboy and Wonder Woman are currently both available. This is the first time the Wonder Woman kit has ever been reissued!

Returning to the world of horror, Moebius has reproduced the entire line of the ever-popular 'Monster Scenes' kits. 

Included in the line-up are: 

Dr. Deadly:  

Moebius delved into Aurora's rarer catalogue with the reissue of The Confederate Raider, a kit that hasn't seen the light of day for close to 50 years.

One of Moebius's own designs was The Invisible Man kit, a fantastic representation of the character removing his bandages while standing before a highly-detailed chemistry set.

Coming soon are two more Moebius originals. The first being a Broadway version of the Bela Lugosi Dracula. A standard version will be available, along with a deluxe version featuring a more detailed base and a female figure. Standard version is below. 

Moebius's other kit currently in the works is Elvira Mistress of the Dark, which will soon be available for preorder at Middle Earth Collectibles.

Last, but certainly not least, is a retooled and improved reproduction of Aurora's Moon Bus from 2001: A Space Odyssey

For those that are interested in purchasing the Moon Bus model kit, two options are available: an unbuilt version in retro-style packaging and a pre-built one with display box. 

The unfinished model kit is available here, while the pre-finished is available to purchase by following this link.

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