Monday, October 10, 2011

13 Days of Halloween: The 13 Best Halloween Horror Movies to Watch This Month!

What better way to get into the Halloween mood than to watch some Halloween-themed horror films! Surprisingly, it almost seems that there are more Christmas-centered horror flicks than ones taking place on Halloween - nevertheless, we've gathered a list of 13 Halloween horror goodies that will be sure to raise your festive spirits. 


If you're at all familiar with the production company, The Asylum, you have a pretty good idea what to expect. This is little more than a rip-off, mockbuster film of Rob Zombie's 2007 Halloween remake. Even so, it captures both the horror/slasher/Halloween spirit, and one could do worse than throw Halloween Night into the DVD player to indulge in some spooky holiday festivities. 

12. IDLE HANDS (1999)

An underrated horror/comedy with a great soundtrack that takes place on Halloween. The film failed to make any waves during its initial release and became a box office flop, but its a worth spending the brisk 90-minutes for some laughs and a Halloween-centered setting.


Though not taking place exclusively on Halloween, there is a scene near the end pertaining to the holiday, along with a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt that plays a decent part in the film. Its worth noting that this is the earliest-made film on our list (1957). Interestingly, prior to the '70s, even fewer horror films touched upon or took place on Halloween.

10. HATCHET (2006)

Hatchet was promoted as 'old school American horror' and it certainly delivered (the same couldn't be said for the poorly-conceived sequel, however). The actual film has little to do with Halloween, but the flashback scene retelling psycho-killer Victor's Crowley's origin takes place on the holiday. With some Halloween costumes and jack o' lanterns in the mix, Hatchet becomes a must see during the month of October.

9.  JACK-O (1995)

This straight-to-video/shot-on-video affair won't win any prizes in filmmaking, but for fans a true B-horror films, Jack-O delivers on the Halloween goods. The whole plot is centered on the holiday and, while one might not want to partake in watching it any other time of the year, it makes for exceptional Halloween viewing. Be on the lookout for John Carradine (via archive footage) in a few nonsensical scenes that were tacked on just to have his name in the credits.

 8. HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES (2003)

Looking back it's hard to believe that Rob Zombie's House of 1,000 Corpses came out eight years ago! The Halloween-theme is central to the film's plot, as it's when the entire movie occurs - plus it serves as the reason a group of young adults venture to visit the mysterious Dr. Satan. What they hadn't counted on was meeting the demented Firefly family.


A remake of the 1988 original, Night of the Demons focuses on a Halloween party gone bad. Or good, if you're a demon. While the remake doesn't quite reach the level of fun that the original did, it still has its share of memorable moments and is far from a disappointment.

6. TRICK OR TREAT (1986)

A fine mix of '80s horror, heavy metal, and Halloween. Toss in some cameos by KISS bassist, Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne, long with an impressive rockin' soundtrack by Fastway, and you're in for no tricks...just all treats.

5. HELL NIGHT (1981)

What do you get when you combine college kids decked out in costumes and an eerie mansion? If you answered Hell Night, you would be right.

4. TRICK 'r TREAT (2007)

Trick r' Treat was announced to be released more times than could be counted - and each time the release date would be pushed back. Fortunately, when it did receive a proper DVD release, it was well worth the wait. 


A must see! The original Night of the Demons is '80s horror at its best, with some staggering make-up effects and a number of genuine scares. Two sequels were made, but general consensus warns that they are best avoided.


Love it or hate it, few horror movies have more to do with everything Halloween than this one. Not a minute goes by that the holiday isn't referenced in some way, nor do ten minutes go by before we hear the iconic 'Silver Shamrock' song. Halloween III gets a bad rap for its non-existent connection to the previous Michael Myers Halloween films. While understandable, if Halloween III had just been called Season of the Witch, perhaps it wouldn't have become such a controversial, polarizing flick.

1. HALLOWEEN (1978)

Nothing needs to be said. This is the definitive Halloween film. No horror fan is excused from not watching this masterpiece every October.


  1. Great list! Going off to Netflix to see on the availability of some of these that I have missed. Thanks! And Happy Halloween!

  2. Thanks! Also, another great flick that should have been added to the list - at least as an honorable mention - is Lady In White (1988). It's a fantastic old-fashioned ghost story that has some great Halloween-centered scenes. Happy Halloween!